Pre Cashmere Eyelash Extension


★ CASHMERE EYELASH EXTENSIONS are made of premium quality JAPAN material.

 ★ Cashmere lashes, the same as Silk lashes are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one for a natural, beautiful and luscious look. Less weight (up to 60% lighter) means less strain on the host lash preventing premature lash fall. Cashmere lashes are matte exactly like the natural lashes, giving a very natural look.

★ The cashmere lashes can last longer thanks to the concave contour of Cashmere Extensions hugs natural lashes from side to side. More contact area between the lash and an extension provides a stronger, longer-lasting bond. Cashmere Lashes are thinner from top to bottom which makes them more flexible and soft to the touch. Despite their delicate structure, curl retention is twice as strong.

 ★ Ultra-Light Cashmere Extensions
The newest trend in the lash industry! The innovative, molded shape of Cashmere Extensions provides a multitude of benefits over traditional Mink or Silk lashes.
Cashmere is the standard lash used at SMILE LASH


 –16 rows per tray
 –Highest quality sterilized PBT material
 –Foil backing paper
 –Less tacky strip to remove lashes with ease

– Soft & Delicate to Touch

– Super soft and blackest

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