Pre Made Fan / Tray


★2D-10D Pre Made Volume Fans


 -Heat bonded (no glue clumps at base as found on cluster lashes or poor quality volume fans)

 -Made from premium Korean PBT synthetic material (stronger bond, longer lasting and reduced chance of allergic reaction)

 -Fan length is printed on every strip (so you know the exact fan length at a glance while applying)

 -Fans remove easily and cleanly from strip (no sticky residue left on the fan)

 -Fast application time (so you can ‘wow’ more clients per day while maintaining your excellent reputation)

 -16 Lines per tray (outstanding value for money as many leading brands are only 12 lines)

 -320 Fans per tray (many leading brands only include between 60 and 240 fans per tray)

Stunning semi-gloss finish (true jet black with no blue hue)

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