Premium Mink Eyelash


★ BLACK MINK SEMI-PERMANENT EYELASH EXTENSIONS are made of premium quality PBT material. Come in single length and mixed length trays of 16 rows each. These individual extensions are perfect both for classic and volume sets.

★ EASY to SEPARATE – Individual extensions are easy to separate, and once a bunch of them is detached from the lash strip, they go loose to allow picking individual ones.

★ EASILY DETACHED – Stacy Lash strips are easily detached from the lash tray and reattached to another surface for convenient lash work.

★ QUALITY MATERIAL and STABLE CURL — SMILE EYELASH has uniform curl, length and thickness matching the lash tray marking and product description.

★ Features: The thinnest thickness of the eyelash products, the lightest weight, especially soft, round hair, is extremely demanding for the technique of the grafting artist and the use of the tweezers.

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